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Ken's Ramen is a modern Japanese artisanal ramen noodle bar proudly serving the best damn chicken noodle soup on the planet.


Our Paitan broth is crafted with the finest free-range whole chickens (100% hormone and antibiotic free). We simmer the whole chickens for over 20 hours. We then age the broth at low temperature for at least 24 hours in order to extract the perfect canary color of the broth. We marry this "Liquid Gold" with fresh custom tailored Japanese ramen noodles for the ultimate Ken's experience. In addition to our roster of craft ramen, we also serve premium rice bowls, bao buns, poke, matcha, seasonal craft beers and sakes, just to name a few highlights. 

At Ken's we have a very ambitious goal. We are committed to change the way people perceive and eat ramen around the globe by giving traditional Japanese ramen a magical twist-- we called it "Ken's Style".  We are striving to achieve this goal by creating a team of high performing people who believe in our mission, and are willing to dedicate their unique talents and craft to making it a reality!